Anonimity, Kabul

Thank you for visiting my website. Here you will find examples of my past and present bodies of work (see Galleries, Current Work and Past Works at left), my CV, art background, artist's statement and contact details.

I paint the world I see around me. My work is primarily influenced by the landscape and the beauty, shapes, subtleties, simplicities and complexities within that landscape. I work abstractly utilising collage and impastoed areas with oils, acrylics and mixed media to produce bold works on canvas, board and paper.

Working intuitively, I rely on shape and colour to interpret my feelings for the landscape from both an aerial perspective and close up. My work grows from a process of extensive experimentation as I attempt to break the subject matter down to the sheer essence of what I see around me, rather than a literal interpretation of the landscape.

I have travelled extensively both overseas and within Australia and these travels have strongly influenced my work. I am drawn towards rock formations and stone in its natural form; and with a long-held interest in ancient civilizations, stone ruins, standing stones and burial chambers (barrows) also inform my paintings.

I enjoy music generally, but am an "aficionado" of modern jazz and I feel that its loose improvisation and spontaneity also influence my art practice. Music always accompanies my studio work and I like to experiment with techniques as a jazz musician experiments and improvises with sounds and chords. I feel my artwork and my love of contemporary jazz have a joint affinity and complement each other.


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